What is Volition and Action Haiti?

Volition and Action Haiti is a nonprofit organization that serves as a bridge to connect generous people to thousands of children in need in Haiti. The word “Volition” means a deep and overwhelming desire. A passion that cannot be denied taking action to solve heart-breaking problems.

VAH seeks out partners (both individuals and organizations) to help us send children in need to school, to help us feed them, help us mentor them while helping their families become sustainable by giving them business training and micro-financing loans to finance their small businesses.

Aside from donating, how can I help or get involved?

1. Help Through Prayers
Constantly remembering our staffs, children, and the families we serve is a wonderful way to get involved.

2. Networking Opportunities
Connect us or invite us to speak at your local churches, local clubs, and any other groups.

3. Promote the work Volition and Action for Haiti is doing on your social network!
Sharing the decent work, we are doing in the lives of children and families in Haiti to your social channels is a wonderful way to amplify the organizations message. You can follow  Volition and Action Haiti on Facebook, and Instagram.

4. Donate your birthday
Asking friends and family to make birthday donations to Volition and Action Haiti on your behalf instead of having them purchase gifts is a simple and easy way to give back.

5. Stay informed
Sign up for our news and alerts via email. Those emails will provide you with additional ways to get involved like volunteer opportunities, supply drives or social media to share. To stay up to date on Save the Children’s news and stories, sign up here!

6. Volunteer your time and Knowledge
Volunteering is a wonderful way to support our charity. If you are equipping with great technical and human skills, we will be glad to use your help. Volition and Action Haiti offers volunteer opportunity, learn about volunteering with us!

7. Leave a donation in your will
Including a charity contribution to our name in your will is an effortless way to give back and can be done for free. Leave a legacy.

Where does VAH get its funding?

VAH’s work is funded entirely through the voluntary support of generous people around communities, and we hope to apply and receive grants to help us sustain the work we are doing in the lives of children in Haiti.

How is VAH accountable for its work?

VAH will always present information and reports that give a clear explanation about the programs and operations through our website and our other social medias.


How do I apply to become a partner?

VAH works in some of the hardest-to-reach places in Haiti to help build a better hope and future for the Haitian children. But the need is so great, we cannot do it alone. Whether you are an organization or an individual supporter, we are open for your partnership. Please contact us through our website, social media platform or email us directly.

What are the goals of your partnerships?

1. Help us change the lives of children in need in Haiti.
2. Support small business owners and enable them to sustain their businesses and create jobs, in order to restore dignity and promote community development.
3. Encourage reinvestment of profits into the local community.
4. Pass on the teachings of Christ so people become independent, and spiritually and socially responsible.

Can I apply on behalf of someone else?

If you live in Haiti and know a child who is in great need to go to school or if you know a low-income family who want to learn more about business and open their own small businesses, you can refer them to us. However, in both cases, children or families will be chosen based on our criteria of selection.


Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, once you donate to us, you will receive a receipt in which you can use for tax purposes.

How do I cancel a monthly donation?

Not sure how to respond to this. Is the donation button set up in a way people can cancel monthly donations?

What percentage of my donation goes to the cause?

As we are still smaller in size, we do not currently have a lot of overhead cost. About 90% of your donation goes into implementing our five different programs. Percent will change in the future based on our growth. Any changes will be communicated to the public.

What do you do with my donor information?

We collect your information to:
1. Better understand our donors’ demographics.
2. To keep you inform of the positive impact you are making on the lives of children and families you sponsored.
3. To send you report about our programs.