Help us so we can help others

We hope that you too will support our organization. But, truly, it’s not about the organization. It’s about the children and the families we can serve. It is about us together, transforming the life of one child at a time and one family at a time in Haiti.

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Our Goals Shape

Goals of Our Partnerships

We are seeking partners that will support us with prayers, advice, networking, and financial support to help with our five areas of operations.

Besides equipping children with education, proper nutrition, and bible teaching, we are in turn partnering with many small businesses that will be equipped to carry out our principles and values, and our shared mission and vision of using business as a mission to empower others.

Plant Seeds

We are planting seeds of hope for a transformational change in the Lives of Children, their families, the cities, the states, and the country by sending children to school, providing them with proper nutrition, and after school technical training, help their families to rise from poverty and become sustainable by giving them business training and a microfinance loan to start their small businesses. Then present the gospel of Jesus Christ as the missing ingredient to their life transformation.

Grow Community

With proper education, nutrition, an after-school program, the gospel of Christ, and the development of the business venture, children and their families are growing to be better citizens of their communities. Children grow to be healthier and become great examples for their peers and their families.
The business owners we support are highly encouraged to use their profits and reinvest them into the local community to promote more growth.

Harvest Good.

Through growth and success, we pass on the education of Christ, business training and micro-finance, and empowerment of children, so families become independent, and spiritually and socially responsible.


Check out our FAQs page for all partnership-related questions. Contact us for all other questions.

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