10 Best Plant Science Experiments & Activities for Kids
April 20, 2020

Plant Science Activities for Kids offer great STEM lessons for children across all age groups. Your child can learn a lot of Science and Math by simply observing plants.

All these Plant Science Activities are perfect for your budding gardener and can be done in the convenience of your backyard without much prep. Just the perfect way to keep children busy and teach hands-on STEM lessons.

Plant Science Experiments for Kids

The first of these Plant Science activities for kids will surely ignite your child’s inner scientist. Quiz him if he could add or change the taste of salad leaves. The catch is no dressing is allowed.

Our recent STEM unit on Parts of Plants had given us enough insights on how water and nutrients are transported (capillary action) to different parts of plants. Now, was the time to experiment with what we had learned and put our knowledge to test.

Take some salad leaves or lettuce. Don’t trim their shoots. Wash them well. Now take two cups of water. Dissolve salt in one cup and sugar in another cup. Place the leaves in both the cups making sure their shoot/stem is under the water.

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