10 Best Plant Science Experiments & Activities for Kids

10 Best Plant Science Experiments & Activities for Kids April 20, 2020 Plant Science Activities for Kids offer great STEM lessons for children across all age groups. Your child can learn a lot of Science and Math by simply observing plants. All these Plant Science Activities are perfect for your budding gardener and can be […]

Updates on planting activities from Plant-for-the-Planet Ghana

Currently, Plant-for-the-Planet Ghana is forced to suspend planting activities on their site at Banpewa in the Savannah Region of Ghana due to two different weather-related reasons: First, there was a lack of rains on the site for almost two weeks and currently after, heavy rains have been recorded causing some floods on the cleared and […]

Tree Planting How To: Eight Steps to Success

Remember when you used to draw a tree when you were a kid? Most likely you had the bottom “flare out” where the trunk meets the ground – that’s what we’re looking for in this step, the root flare. Oftentimes trees are planted too deeply in their container and the root flare is buried. Take […]