Miss Honoré Gustave

Quote from our beneficiaries

Miss Honoré Gustave

Since 2017, My husband’s church, the church of the new Jerusalem has collaborated with Volition and Action Haiti to help mentor children spiritually and help send them to school. This partnership has had a great influence on the lives of these children. 85% of the beneficiaries come to church regularly. We can affirm with confidence that God is using Volition and Action Haiti as a vessel to change lives in Haiti.

Mr. Pierre Joseph

Success Stories from Individual Partnership with small business owner

Mr. Pierre Joseph

He is a widower with four children. She lost his house, his job, and his wife during the earthquake of 2010 in Haiti. He enrolled in our business training and micro-finance program where we gave him a loan of $ 650 to start a grocery store in his community.

Mrs. Jacinthe Marie Carmelle

Mrs. Jacinthe Marie Carmelle

Owner of Marie Bakery

She is a widow with 5 children. She lost her husband in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. VAH supports 3 of her kids. We enrolled her in our business training and gave her a loan of $ 1000 to finance her bakery start-up. Now she owns the only bakery store in the community where she lives.

Leila and her Family

I thank you for your sponsorship. Because you decide to help support me, I have the opportunities to learn and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. There are so many needs in my family, the need for food, housing, clothing, shoes, and the gospel. Surely, your contribution brings a positive influence on my life, my family, and indeed, ultimately the entire community cannot be underestimated. Your sponsorship and prayers bring much joy and happiness to me and will allow me to continue my education.

Fabiana and her Family

My name is Fabiana. Thank you for supporting me to go to school for the last few years. I was born on February 2, 2005. I am 13 years old. I live with my mother and my little brother. The place we live in is one of the most dangerous places in our village. We have bad people, smoking and doing a lot of bad things to children, most young girls. I thank God for his protection over my life.

After the earthquake in my country, my mom lost her house and my dad was hit and affected by brain damage. Because we did not have enough money, I could not continue to go to school. We had to go and live in camp housing where we have and continue to struggle for food. When I was little, we did not have a bed and we had to sleep on the wet and cold floor every night.

Thanks to Volition and Action for Haiti, I was able to go back to school. About a year ago, I received a picture of a white family who loves me and Mrs. Ricardo told me that they are the people who pay for my school tuition every year. I love both of them and the lady is very pretty. I hope to meet with them someday. I am now in 9 the grade.

Your decision to help support me was the answer to my mom’s prayer, and surely one day I want to be a nurse to help other children in Haiti.

Thank you very much and God bless you.